My personal experience of the modern recruitment process, technical interviews, and code tests.

Crane with Hoist, used across various contruction applications.

Recently I’ve went through the process of finding my next Job, the next stage in my tech career. Up until this point I’ve been lucky enough to have some fantastic roles on great projects — Working with Javascript, PHP, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Nodejs among many more languages, this job search opened me up to a great deal of new opportunities of many varieties, as well as an awful lot of insight into how different companies handle the process of finding, vetting, and hiring new staff.

Disclaimer: Since initiating…

Re-platforming is a process which can occur in all businesses using technology, and the reasons behind it are varied and plentiful.
A lot of the time it’s to replace an antiquated system where maybe the knowledge around that system has left the business, other times it’s to do with incompatibilities with modern frameworks or other services and integrations. It may be due to performance capabilities — anyone who has a range of experience with older frameworks can understand the difficulties in getting them to perform at desired levels.

One thing that can often be overlooked when re-platforming is customer experience…

Anthony Totton

Language agnostic problem solver aiming for simple, elegant solutions to life’s challenges.

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