The Death of Grad School

Grad School is dead.

A student that goes to a top-tier MBA program could end up with $210,000 in debt ($150,000 in tuition and $60,000 in cost-of-living expenses), plus a two-year commitment[1].

However, only top-tier Business Schools, Law Schools, Med Schools can get you a nice pay increase.

Still, unless you like 1:00 am calls, or partners that squeeze the life out of you, there’s a better way.


Software development is a nice career that values learning, collaboration, and creativity.

Yeap, creativity.

Most people think of software developers as these khaki-wearing creatures lurking in a basement in thirst of light.

Not anymore.

Accelerated learning programs, also known as Bootcamps (hate the name), are making programming accessible to hundreds of people with the most diverse backgrounds.

How do I know? I work in one.

We’ve had bartenders, warehouse managers, English majors, designers, musicians, MBAs, and PhDs.

We’ve got moms, professional athletes, 18 year-olds, veterans, and radio producers.

We’ve even got an Alaska Fisherman, and a guy that piloted aircraft carriers.

No kidding.

Most of them didn’t have a technical background. The only thing they all shared was passion, drive, and thirst for long-life learning.

96 per cent of them got a job within 120 days of graduation, with an average salary of $75k. A salary increase of 80 per cent compared to their previous job[2] in 7 months.

The best part? You can do it too.

If you are interested in learning programming and joining our program, tell me more about you here: jorge[at]

  1. The average cost of tuition (per year, 2 year campus based program, top 20 business schools) ranged from $60,000 to $102,355 resulting in a mean of $75,433. The data are taken from Bloomberg ($60,000), Forbes ($102,355), and US New & World Report ($63,946). ↩︎
  2. Check our 2015 Student Outcomes Report here. ↩︎
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