I have to say after two full days the World Federation of Hemophilia conference and several days at the National Hemophilia Foundation Annual Meeting I was pretty exhausted this morning. I needed a boost and thankfully got it from attending my friend Patrick James Lynch’s presentation about empowerment through self-care.

No be honest I’ve never specifically thought about the importance of self-care. Of course we need to take care of ourselves, especially since I have hemophilia. I only really thought of self-care as making sure I infuse when I’m supposed to and treat bleeds as soon as possible but after Patrick’s talk I realized that it’s much more than that.

Patrick’s story is a powerful one. He lost his older brother much too early from bleeding. He wasn’t taking his prophy treatment and he wasn’t taking care of himself in regards to his hemophilia. As Patrick shares this story you can feel the emotion in his voice. This was a dark time for him but he pulled something powerful from it. He decided he would be an advocate for self-care. He dedicated his passion of acting and producing film to educating others with hemophilia to take care of themselves so no one else has to lose their brother.

Patrick James Lynch inspiring us to become more empowered through self care.

It would’ve been an amazing talk with just this component but there was more. Through Patrick’s talk he made me realize self care is about so much more than factor. It’s about mental health. It’s about advocating for yourself. It’s about advocating for others that may not be able to it themselves. It’s about being healthy and taking care of our bodies. It’s about striving for more. I realized Patrick and I have a lot in common in many of those things but I never realized how empowering it feels to actually take care of ourselves and others. It was a fantastic message that left the room teary and inspired. Patrick’s message is reaching thousands through his platform and I hope people really take it to heart

I needed that boost. That’s why we spend a week with our global community. To find better ways to take care of ourselves and others and to feel empowered instead of defeated by our condition. With that renewed energy I have been hitting up tons of sessions and meeting so many new people! I am excited to share it all with you later tonight!!

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