An overview of our CBS platform

Imagine for booking a cab you have to use 4 different apps just to book one ride, one to look for a ride, another to book the ride , another to pay for the ride and so on , how cumbersome and difficult it would be for you to just book a cab.

This is the reality of the backend technology supporting our bank systems which in turn is supporting India’s economy ,nothing is at one place, different systems for every small functionality a bank needs, for an operation as simple as opening an account it will talk to multiple…

Your Shop + Your Mobile + Aadhaar Fingerprint ⇒ Earn more than 5,000 every month

Write to us on or to signup as a Novopay Retailer or a Distributor.

As a Novopay Retailer, you can do domestic remittance & Aadhaar enabled payments. Novopay Retailers are earning around ₹5,000 every month!

As a Novopay Distributor, you manage the cashflow for your retailers.


Banking for a Billion

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