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From 12 AM EST May 25th until 12 AM May 26th, 2020
Novus.One will hold open registration for the public for 24 hours!
After the 24 hour period we will return to invite-only registration.

Get registered! Early users receive exclusive badges which grant them special privileges.

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I’m not going to write long articles. Truth is I am not a big fan of writing. I love to write software code but not human code. Writing the whitepaper for Novus.One damn near killed me, not physically of course but definitely mentally.

This article has no real purpose other…

The first round of Beta testing applications for the Novus One platform is now live! This is the first round of several more to come, where each round will accept up to 100 new testers. Your name would be thrown into the pool round selections.

-Users will be able to…

Welcome to Novus.One, a new space for a new world!

Novus.One is creating a new space for a new world. There are growing concerns of security, privacy, and freedom in internet-based communities which affect every one of any age, race or culture. …

Novus.One Inc.

The untouchable social platform that not only protects your privacy and security but most importantly, your freedom of speech.

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