Welcome to Novus.One, a new space for a new world!

Novus.One is creating a new space for a new world. There are growing concerns of security, privacy, and freedom in internet-based communities which affect every one of any age, race or culture. We are addressing these issues and making them our main focus as we develop a world community network backed by blockchain technology and military grade security both at the hardware and software levels.

Put simply; our platform is a social network core integrated with everything and anything both cryptocurrency and non-cryptocurrency related. Because of the business model we are using we have no success ceiling. Our platform has no growth limitations and is infinitely expandable.

Novus.One is aiming to become the world’s most unique “All-In-One/Everything-In-One” platform, with Security, Privacy, and Freedom being at its paramount forefront.

One thing many people don’t realize is we are actually living in the Dark Ages, but not the type of Dark Ages we have seen in the past that consisted of the Western European cultural/economic deterioration, but more specifically.. The “Digital Dark Ages”.

We are living in dark times where we are amiss of security, privacy, and freedom. The great tech giants the world has grown to love are controlling your privacy, censoring your freedom, and infiltrating your security.


If these tech giants are the instigators of these digital dark times, and Novus.One is the next generation, the birth child of these current times, then you could look at us as the children of the dark. Novus.One will cause even today’s tech giants to turn their heads. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc..

The song below perfectly depicts Novus.One and the brands mentioned above:

Novus.One will be nothing like the rest. 
Novus.One will not control your privacy.
Novus.One will not compromise your security.
Novus.One will not restrict your freedom (With the exception of illegal activities, of course).

We have recently launched our Novus.One video series, bringing you news and updates about the project. You can find the first episode here:


Partner feature!

This week we are featuring one of our brand partners, Peng Coin:

Hello! We are Peng Coin. A cryptocurrency that was born in 2018 with the goal of being the most modern, fast and efficient method of sending donations around the world. We are certain that by working as a kind of tool that facilitates the encounter between those who want to donate and the institutions that need to receive, we are at the forefront of the world in the humanitarian practice of charity. We know that a huge percentage of donated money is lost in the middle of the road because of varying transaction and maintenance fees. By using Peng Coin technology, rates are close to zero and, consequently, more money goes to the aided institutions. We do everything with absolute transparency, efficiency and honestly, so that we can increasingly expand our ecosystem donors-aided humanitarian institutions. All funds are stored in a wallet publicly visible in the blockchain and each donation is advertised and trackable by any member. We have already established partnerships with various humanitarian institutions around the world and we want to do more!

We are a cryptocurrency with proof of Stake, masternode, privacy technology, zero transaction fees, 60-second transaction speed (one of the fastest in the market) and soon the governance system will be implemented. Our team is composed of dozens of professionals from diverse areas that are inserted in almost every continent. Finally, we try to unite the best in technology to a series of professionals interested in using blockchain for humanitarian purposes. Our total supply is 9,878,708,888 and the max supply is 17,147,480,000. Circulating supply is 6,453,696,252. We invite you to know our cryptocurrency on pengcoin.io. Come, meet our project and love it. In it, everyone wins: those who invest will have an increasingly valued asset in hand, which means financial prosperity, and who receives help through donations. It’s time to peng coin!


Other Partner news

This week SparkPoint released the following news:

Since November of 2018, Sparkpoint Ecosystem, is talking with ImaginePH Productions, a Philippine-based multimedia production and finally, they have finalized their deal last January of 2019!

For more information feel free to check out their Medium at https://medium.com/theecosystem/sparkpoint-ecosystem-and-imagineph-productions-finalized-their-partnership-deal-6cdae495e62d

That’s it for now, catch you again soon!