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“Women really do bring a new element to decision-making: they listen to experts. In this crisis, we have amazing women leading the struggle across the political spectrum, such as Jacinda Ardern or Angela Merkel” said Australian Senator Hanson-Young, during a virtual event in front of hundreds of activists from all across the globe.

While this has largely been backed up by data, today, women make up only 24% of members of national legislative bodies and only 4 countries have at least 50% of women in the national legislature.

Instead of being broken, the glass ceiling is wrecking another generation of women across the world.

Female leaders, as bright, prepared, and charismatic as it gets, cannot seem to reach the highest positions of power. Beware, this is not only an American problem: out of 193 countries, only 19 have a female head of state or government. It does not only apply to the highest office: women make up only 24% of members of national legislative bodies around the world, and only 4 countries have at least 50% of women in the national legislature. …

By Andrea Venzon (10/03/2020)

As an Italian citizen working closely with activists and young political leaders from all over the world, I have experienced the sadness of seeing my country going through all stages of the CoronaVirus outbreak while keeping an eye on developments elsewhere.

There is a pattern that Italy experienced, and that is starting in many other democracies. First, our social media were full of memes mocking the disease and those worried about it. Then, people started getting sick: many rushed to stockpile and escaped the affected areas, worsening the situation. Politicians fueled the fear (Matteo Salvini, the right-wing leader of the…

[Click here to demand that the U.N. Security Council declares a Global Climate Emergency]

Dear humanity,

We have less than a decade left to contain global warming. You think that’s plenty of time? The first calculation of greenhouse effect dates back to 1896: in the last 124 years, we bickered about whether this is fake news or not. Wake up. Our future is in jeopardy. It is not a matter of opinion, belief, religion nor education: overwhelming evidence proves that because of our actions, the world is in peril.

Within the next ten years, we need to keep the increase of global…

By Colombe Cahen-Salvador and Andrea Venzon

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East and West German people celebrate the end of cold war on top of the Berlin Wall, 10 November 1989. Photograph: Peter Horvath/REX/Shutterstock

My desire for the future is that there will continue to be people who stand up for walls to fall and not to be built”.

Floating above the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Patrick Shearn’s art installation includes such messages for inclusion and unity. Indeed, this week marks the 30th year anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall. Germany, Europe and the world celebrate this historical event, discuss its significance and the challenges the country encountered in achieving unity. As part of those celebrations, world leaders will travel and vow to never go back…

Sitting back and waiting for others to take action is no longer an option. We have a duty to stand for one another. We have the power to shape this world for the better. We have to unite. By Colombe Cahen-Salvador & Andrea Venzon

When contemplating the effects of climate change, the inability of states to tax digital giants, or the injustices that minorities face around the world, one cannot avoid to feel hopeless and powerless. Can our actions actually change the tide? Can our voices be loud enough?

This feeling is understandable: over the last decade, major wars and…


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