Four School Year Resolutions for Parents and Families | Hope Bagley

For students and educators, New Year’s resolutions are set around Labor Day. We have spent the summer resting and reflecting on the past year, and around late August, we set our goals and make plans for the year. The 2016–2017 academic year was particularly challenging for educators, as we saw a visible increase in bigotry and bullying since the presidential election.

It is more important than ever to nurture integrity and compassion in our children. But rather than celebrate with isolated special occasions like Women’s Equality Day or Black…

Centering Women in the Healthcare Debate | Jordie Davies

When I set out to write this piece, the Republican health care proposal loomed large in all of our political imaginations: skinny repeal, full repeal, and Medicaid cuts seemed imminent. These proposals were accompanied by demonstration after demonstration of political callousness from members of Congress and the Trump Administration.

As I listened to the debates and the public outcry over the procedural gymnastics that Senate Republicans had undertaken to pass their bill in the dark of night, it became clear to me that this bill was not about building upon the…

“Don’t Do That — She Might Sue You” | Sarah Tunnell

Supporting Reproductive Rights From A Liberal Haven | Samantha Qualls

Women in the Face of Climate Change | Jackie DeJesse

We Are All Enough | Dr. Emily Green, Psy.D.

Feminist Spotlight: Connection and Community: Advice from a ‘Rebel-Rouser’ Bookseller | Martha Ivana Syryca

Standing Up Against Workplace Sexual Harassment | Jillian Andres

What NOW | NOW-NYC’s Blog

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