On Feeling Weird About Tesla
Hank Green

I understand your argument, but a similar argument could be made about vlogging. (In fact, I was surprised to hear a friend of mine label most of YouTube as “Vanity. It’s just vanity man.”)

Owning a Tesla can be socially awkward in a small town because it makes you stand out, but if you try hard enough you can feel socially awkward about almost any life choice. (I mean, I can’t imagine it’s the case that many of the people of Missoula don’t know where Hank Green goes grocery shopping.)

In Japan (where I am), bike theft is the most common petty crime in the country. So people who choose to invest in expensive bikes for whatever reason tend to repaint them or cover all the brand labels with duct tape before going around town on them. So if it’s an issue of safety, you could always paint your Tesla station wagon brown (^o^)/

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