I, Racist
John Metta

This article kind of pissed me off a little. He had some good points in it and some really bad ones. When he said “This is the country we live in. Millions of Black lives are valued less than a single White person’s hurt feelings.” that’s when my anger really started. Then I stepped away to calm down and think about this statement. You may agree or disagree with what I am about to say, and I welcome any feed back anyone provides. How can anyone of any race say that their race lives have less value then another races feelings when they don’t value each others lives? Do you see protest marches when its black on black crime? NO you only see it when its White on Black. Then its always racially motivated. How many news reports do you see of Black on White crime? The media cant show that because it may hurt the black communities feelings. All these people that have their own agenda go on TV and say that the white person was a racist, but can they name the last 3 black murder victims in that town? No because it doesn’t fit their agenda. The Black leaders that get most of the air time do not care about Black on Black crime because they cant raise money for their origination without racial hatred. How can an entire community blame another race for all their problems. Correct me if I am wrong but whites are not going into their neighborhoods doing drive by shootings, selling drugs, rioting and looting the stores in their communities, or not reporting crimes and/or helping hide the criminals because they don’t want to be snitches.. So he is correct when he says all the black voice talking about racism will never effect whites because until you start taking responsibility for your own communities then you can NOT blame anyone but yourself. Then he talks about how Blacks are are portrayed. When your status is brought up in your community or group of friends for being the baddest gansta you can be how can you portray that in a positive way? But this article wants to put blame on whites while putting no responsibility on the black community. I know someone will accuse me of being a racist for writing this. Unfortunately racism will always be alive and well in the WORLD. We should not look at someone by color but by their actions. But until we all can be honest this will never happen. =[

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