How will the Game assist the Nowcoin Ecosystem?

2 min readApr 27, 2018


We wish to bring Nowcoin to the masses, and thus to create a strong ecosystem. A game, which may develop multiple strategies, which is fun, and which motivates the participants with immediate rewards could catalyze the energies that we want to build our ecosystem on.

The Game in itself will be fun, since an unexpected number of strategies will be available for the members. Some of you will just believe in Nowcoin, and will simply be holding, and collecting rewards. Some traders will hunt for exchange price fluctuations around reward periods. Some players will aim to be in the top 1000 for Tier-2 and Final Airdrops, and their appetite for further purchase can be exploited by traders playing against them on the DEX. Merchants will be motivated by Game Pool bonuses, and of course they can also join other hodlers. There will be alliances of holders joining forces and reserves in order to push for a top 1000 place upon special reward periods. And so much more…

We believe that strategic players will love the Game, and thus become affected to Nowcoin. Merchants joining the game will spread the word. Basically all network members will spread the word, since as the more people join, the more stable the network will be.

The complete Game will be blockchain-based, and totally transparent. Everybody will be able to follow the statuses and balances on block explorers.

Founders will not be able to intervene into organic market movements with their vesting, since they will be locked until the end of the game.

And most of the coins and collected BTS assets will be given back to the network itself.

We believe that we can raise a strong social movement on the above, and pursue to create the most amazing social investment game ever performed on blockchain.