As of today there are more than 1545 crypto assets listed on the coinmarketcap website. A lot of these assets claim themselves to be “cryptocurrencies”. In most cases however these assets are not used as currencies, and they do not have a solid plan on how to create their real financial ecosystem.

We believe that a working cryptocurrency ecosystem is built of two strong legs: the holders and the merchants. Without holders there will never be merchants, and to the contrary, in case of no merchants, why would anybody hold a cryptocurrency. This is the classic “chicken and the egg” problem of the cryptocurrency scene.

Furthermore, the above mentioned two legs of any cryptocurrency may function only in case they are connected by a working blockchain and a liquid cryptocurrency exchange. A working blockchain provides a decentralized tool for following and verifying all transactions, and a liquid cryptocurrency exchange creates the possibility to connect the cryptocurrency with the fiat world — thus allowing fiat merchants to enter the ecosystem.

The Nowcoin Market Game was invented to create the first and the most exciting social platform for our crypto — the Nowcoin. Through an exciting investment and market game, we will make an attempt to create a fun social ecosystem for Nowcoin, with holders motivated to enter and hold Nowcoin, and with merchants interested in supplying services to the network members in exchange for Nowcoin.

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