Whale Olympics: “Parallel Football” rules

The registration for Parallel Football has been closed. Time to see how this game is played… This game once again focuses on the cooperation of individuals in 2 competing teams. Pay close attention to the Whale Olympics Discord channel and help your team perform better than the opposite team!

How to play

Registered players are separated into 2 teams as follows:

Members of Team A and Team B compete against each other.

Team members — similarly to the American Football training game — have to pass “the ball” to each other in a preset sequence and the last member has to score a goal.

At the beginning of the game, the first members from each team (according to the table) receive the ball (1 Nowcoin) at the same time. They have to pass it to the second member, the second member to the third and so on until the last team member receives it. This last player has to score a goal by sending 1 Nowcoin to the “nowcoin-reward-pool” account. Hooray, goal! The first team to score a goal wins the round.

The last round will be on the 12th of November. In order to make it fair, we are going to launch a new round 2 times a day, so players from different time zones all have a chance.

The first ball will be launched at 5 pm. UTC. (You can check the UTC time here) From then you will need to pay attention to the Discord — Whale Olympics channel. New rounds will be announced 2 hours before they start.

If you would like your team to succeed, take steps to make it happen! Go ahead and discuss your availability on our Discord channel and notify each other!

Winner takes it all

Either team wins more rounds gets to share the 1000 Nowcoin reward equally between its members.

For example, the first round starts at 12 am. Both “player1a” from Team A and “player1b” from Team 2 receive the ball at the same time and have to pass it to the next team member.

So “player1a” passes to ball to “player2a” and “player1b” has to pass it to “player2b”. Then second players (player2a from Team A and player2b from Team B) has to pass to their 3rd team members.

This goes on until the last member from each team receives the ball. “Team A” manages to pass the ball to the last member: “player4a” slightly faster than Team B does, and “player4a” sends 1 Nowcoin to the “nowcoin-reward-pool”, that’s a GOAAAAL!

Team A wins the first round…

Should you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us on any of our channels:

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Game: https://live.nowcoingame.com
Telegram Group: https://t.me/NowCoinCommunity
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