6 Things that Summer Teaches Us

1. There is more to life than online media.

Friends, nature, timeouts… even city streets can beckon with their bustling reality, to balance the dream of life we engage in routinely as if it were the thing itself. Plugging out, we learn more about ourselves and the world that later, we can share, when we plug back in.

2. The silence of nature is golden.

Away from human chatter, we hear what is real behind, beyond the words. The deep woods remind us, the warm sunset inspires us, the sight of free animals fills us with wonder. Before and after the words, there is a whole world out there, speaking in the tongue of silence.

3. The beauty of nature is the supreme art.

Yet to say so does not implying “an artist” — rather, an inherently creative process unfolding spontaneously, of its own essence, harmonious and composed.

4. Social connections are precious, fragile, fleeting.

So make the most of them, remembering also to leave room to relax. Then bring your best intentions, open to what your friends reveal.

5. Make the most of opportunities presented.

Watch the weather. Take risks. Learn to relax outside your comfort zone. Summer is a special time, activating potential for maximum growth.

6. This too shall pass… until next time.

Embracing this moment, and then the next. Passing time is neither comedy nor tragedy, only the play of curtains in the wind.

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