26 Memorable moments in television

For some reason, I couldn’t tell you why exactly, I wanted to do a list of my favorite moments in television. Maybe it’s because I’m feeling pretty good right now and I want to keep the happiness flowing. So instead of writing about things that bother me and annoy me, I’m going to write and post things that make me happy and that I love.

Parks and Recreation – Ron Swanson dancing

I wish I could express into words just how hard I laughed when Ron Swanson suddenly bursts onto the screen and starts dancing when I first saw it. It was so mind blowing to see this character smile and do something other than look disapproving and stoic.


Super Ducktales

Ducktales was HUGE when I was kid. So huge that it got it’s own special at one point, which, captured the hearts and imaginations of so many kids around this time. Before DVD’s and streaming and if you were lucky enough to have a VHS player or your cable company carried the Disney channel, you couldn’t just watch Disney stuff whenever you wanted. You had to wait for it to come on T.V. So the fact that they gave us Disney programming every afternoon was amazing in and of itself but then they go and give us a whole extra hour of Disney’s most popular cartoon T.V. show was mind blowing. I saw this promo and went ape-shit. I was like who is that duck in the metal suit? Is he a new character? I was fucking fascinated. Sure enough, they introduced a superhero character into Ducktales and my love for Ducktales tripled because of it.


The Maxx

The Maxx is by far my favorite movie, television show and book of all time. I looked forward to this show all the time. I had no frame of reference for this show when it aired, I had never read the comic or knew anything about it, but, it was spellbinding to me that a comic book cartoon show was on MTV. A channel I always associated with cool people, of which, I did not feel like I was. And being into comic books back then was not as cool as it is now. Being into comics back then meant you were kind of a loser. Watching this show I always felt cool because it was more adult than what I was used to as a kid. And, it’s a deep, poetic and philosophical story that makes you think, so not only did I feel cool watching it because it was on MTV, I felt smart too.


Turtles Forever

In 2009, I was 26 years old. At the time, Mirage Studios still owned the Ninja Turtles. And they had partnered with 4Kids Entertainment to put out a new cartoon that was mildly successful. I never really got into it because frankly, I was never up on Saturday mornings to watch it, if I had, I would’ve been all over that. Well, in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise 4Kids Entertainment and Mirage decided to create a special on T.V. where that featured three different incarnations of the characters throughout the franchise’s history: the original Prime Turtles team from the 1984 comic book series, the light-hearted, family-friendly characters from the 1987 animated series, and the darker, more serious cast of the 4Kids’ own 2003 animated series — in an adventure that spans multiple parallel universes. It also marks the finale to the 2003 animated series. I was so excited and enamored with this idea. That despite not being able to sleep in anymore because of my soul-crushing 9–5 job I got up early on the Saturday morning it aired so I could watch it despite really wanting to sleep in. I felt like a kid again waking up early on Saturday morning to watch a new episode of The Ninja Turtles. It was awesome because it starred the characters I knew and loved as well as the dark, violent and gritty characters from the comics!


It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – The Gang Gives Frank an Intervention

My ex-girlfriend inadvertently turned me onto this show. I never watched it until I saw this episode. The minute I saw this episode, I was hooked. I could watch this episode over and over again, it makes me laugh every single time…it never gets old.


Every episode of Friends, but specifically the fridge episode

Friends got me through some tough times, which is a post for another time. Friends always consistently makes me laugh. No matter how old I get or how dated the show becomes. This fridge episode makes me laugh out loud every single time.


MTVs Spring Break in the 90′s

Back in the day, I had 0 friends. Which is probably one of the reasons I liked Friends so much. I used to watch a lot of MTV. One of the reasons I loved watching MTV is because it was always so fun. It resonated in me because of the liveliness and party atmosphere of my grandparents house which is where my cool uncle and aunt lived who threw a lot of parties, both of whom I looked up to. I wanted to be on MTV. I wanted to party and have fun as much as the people did on MTV. Everyone was so much funnier and out-going than I was. I wanted to be famous. I wanted to be liked. I wanted to be someone cool people wanted to have around often. So I watched A LOT of MTV spring break back in the day because I wanted to emulate the people on there so as to become someone who was liked and to be someone people wanted to be around.


Singled Out

Jenny McCarthy & Carmen Electra. ‘Nuff said.


USA Up all night

So back in the day, in the 90′s, the USA channel used to air movies late at night which usually ranged from cult classics, to B movies and others. There never seemed to be a method to their madness, so to speak. The movies they aired were frankly never all that good. But every so often they would show “sexploitation” films, with the explicit content edited out. My friend and I used to call it “porn without the porn.” You children born into a world where porn is easily accessible and always at your fingertips don’t know how good you have it. I had to wait for porn to come on T.V. And even then it was edited out porn. You never saw the good stuff!


TV 38 Movie loft

I’m pretty sure only people from the Boston or Massachusetts area will remember this, unless this aired elsewhere that I’m unaware of. TV 38 Movie loft was one of the first “hosted movie” programs on television, long before this idea became a staple on cable. The program aired movies with program breaks hosted by Dana Hersey. Part of the program’s marketing was that it aired only “unedited” movies. I’m pretty sure my parents had a VHS player and cable, but even then, to be able to watch a movie required either renting a movie or buying one. Both of which wasn’t always feasible because we didn’t always have the money to be able to do so. So we often had to wait for movies to come on television or cable. One of my fondest memories was back in the day during a hurricane, Hurricane Bob I think it was, TV 38 Movie loft was showing some movie I was really excited about, I can’t for the life of me remember what it was, but they were also holding a contest to win a Nintendo Entertainment System or a Gameboy (I also can’t remember which one it was). So you had to call the hotline, and if you were a certain caller you’d win the system. Anyway, I have a weird memory surrounding this because my dad was always on business, there was a hurricane happening, one of my favorite movies was being played and my mom was trying to win me a video game system by calling the dude on T.V. it was an exciting night.


The Disney Sunday Movies

As I said above, unless you had the Disney channel or owned Disney movies, Disney programming wasn’t always accessible. Especially the classic movies. Enter: The Disney Sunday Movies. When I was a kid this was some times the only way you could see any Disney movie. Particularly because Disney didn’t always release certain movies on video. I loved their intro too. I always got me amped even when I was already amped for whatever was about to be played.


Kanye West, “George Bush does not care about black people.”

I can’t remember if I saw this live, but I’m pretty sure I did. Mike Myers’s face after Kanye says “George Bush does not care about black people” was f-ing spellbinding. Glorious moments like this is what live television is for.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Coming Out of Their Shells

Back in the day, the Ninja Turtles were everywhere. They were so insanely popular that not only did they have comics, movies, cartoons and video games but they had merchandising too – hats, cookies, towels, juice boxes, Christmas ornaments, etc etc etc the list goes on. And, at the height of their popularity the creators, or the people in charge at least, decided to do a live concert where the turtles sang songs and played instruments. I know that I’ve used ‘spellbinding’ numerous times now in this post but, I’m going to use it again. This was spellbinding to me. This captured my imagination in such a way that I don’t know if anything since has ever been able to. I don’t know if I thought the turtles were real, or like, I was just really into them, but, whatever the reason I was insanely into this. The only way you could watch this was that you had to buy it on pay-per-view. Which, back then, was a big deal. I always remember seeing movies on pay-per-view and begging my parents to rent them. But they rarely did because money was always tight. But this was a once in a lifetime opportunity, or so I thought at the time. So this whole experience was a memorable moment in television for me, but the thing that I remember more than the concert itself was that it was live and there was a dude who was reporting the event as it was happening and at one point the camera comes back to him and he doesn’t notice that he’s on air and the camera is rolling and he’s picking his nose! I laughed so damn hard. It’s a memory thats stuck with me for years. There’s a dude who remembered the same thing and even has a picture of the dude picking his nose on his blog! Go check it out.


Mad About You – Giblets for Murray

I have nothing too poignant to say about this. I was enamored with this show growing up and this episode in particular really made me laugh. I used to make it a tradition that I had to watch it every Thanksgiving. So funny. Especially the part when she throws the turkey out the window.


Breaking Bad

I was on the edge of my seat every single episode with this show. Literally, edge of my seat. No show in my life has ever captured my attention in the way that Breaking Bad did. Every single scene was captivating. The scene where *spoiler alert* Agent Schrader dies had me glued to the T.V. I could not wait for that character to die and I was really hoping he would. Breaking Bad gave me a complex like you wouldn’t believe, I both loved and hated Walt and I have intense internal conflicts over trying to justify a fictional characters actions.


September 11th, 2001

I don’t have much to say about this that hasn’t already been said a billion times already. I didn’t say that every memorable moment on T.V. for me would be a nice memory.



E.R. has been a staple in my life since my teenage years. Frankly, I’m not sure why. It’s not something that would ordinarily be my cup of tea, not really anyway. But somehow my mom got me into that show. The show is littered with really intense and amazing memorable scenes, but the episodes and parts that stick out the most are:

The Death of Mark Green


The Helicopter crash


The small pox outbreak


and there was an episode that really struck a chord in me E.R. Season 9 Episode 13, No Good Deed Goes Unpunished where Clocks by Coldplay plays. I couldn’t tell you what it was about but it really affected me. I can’t find the scene.

Seinfeld finale

Yet another item on the list that doesn’t need an explanation. Nearly 20 years later I’m finding out that people didn’t really like the final episode. I thought it was great. It was really funny. I’ll never understand negative criticism. This show still holds up, I’m pretty sure it always will. I think that’s wherein lies the brilliance in the writing of the show.


SNL – Debby Downer

My favorite part of SNL is watching the actors try and hold back their laughter. Jimmy Fallon and Horatio Sanz used to be infamous for cracking each other up. I remember so many skits where it always looked like they may never get through the whole thing.


Whatchamacallit Commercial

I remember one Saturday morning I was watching T.V. when I was kid and I think I saw this commercial every single commercial break for the entire morning. By the time the afternoon hit I was begging my mom to get me one of these. Advertising is a scary thing.


Chappelle’s Show – The Charlie Murphy skit

The day after this skit aired, I think every single person at my college was quoting this. This skit is legendary.

The Girls on Minnie Street

Holy shit. This is great. Okay so, back in the day when I was a young lad, I saw a music video with a girl dancing to a song that I think that said “Dancing on Minnie Mouse Street,” and I developed a GIANT crush on this girl. She was literally my first crush I had on any girl. And for years, YEARS I tried to Google it and see if I could find something, anything on this video or girl again. And I could not for the life of me find anything. Until today. I think I just found it. The video has a similar title and came out around the same time I would’ve had my first crush so I feel like it has to be her. This is wild. I guess her name is Christa Larson. Wow. Thank god for the Internet. Ladies and gentlemen presenting my first crush, ever:


The Earth Day Special

Chock full of special guest appearances from cartoons, movies and T.V. alike, this special was spellbinding. Why in the name of all that is holy and sacred do they not do stuff like this anymore?


Cartoon All-Stars To The Rescue

I love cross-overs, man. I eat that shit up. So much so, I co-created a website where we do just that. Much like The Earth Day Special the Cartoon All-Stars To The Rescue special was chock full of special guest appearances from cartoon characters. Again, why do they not do stuff like this anymore?


Jurassic Park trailer

I don’t remember if I saw this particular trailer or a different one, but I got so insanely excited when I saw they were going to do a movie about dinosaurs. Because like any self respecting child, I was REALLY into dinosaurs when I was kid. They really — can you guess what phrase I’m going to use? — captured my imagination, more so probably than anything else in this list. Few movie trailers back in the day got me as excited as Jurassic Park‘s trailer did.


Scrambled porn

Remember what I said above in the paragraph for USA Up all night? Yeah well, seriously, you children born into a world where porn is easily accessible and always at your fingertips don’t know how good you have it. Not only did I have to wait for porn to come on T.V. and watch edited out porn, I had to wait for the signal to come in on the porn channel we didn’t get so you could see a flash of a boob for a hot 30 seconds in betwixt 5 minutes of T.V. snow. Hummingbirds don’t fly as fast as I moved when that signal came in.

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