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If you are among those who are fond of cryptocurrency or digital currency, then you will certainly know a new digital platform called Zrocor. This platform is a scope that is built on a digital basis with its main function as a place to carry out various digital transactions. The trade referred to here is products and services and digital currencies. This platform has been integrated with the function of community empowerment by providing very easy and practical access to the world of cryptocurrency. Empowerment carried out by this platform certainly involves a number of stakeholders who have collaborated with this platform. This is open to anyone who has the idea of ​​developing their business on the right track to be more focused on achieving their targets.

The main goal that was triggered by the creation of this platform was to help activate new economic empowerment of new business people or the founders of start-up companies and other micro-businesses who were still in the development stage. Zrocor guides every start-up company to maximize the development of their functions and services. Zrocor builds a trust system that will cover every group involved in it through the provision of a transparent system. The performance and processes carried out by Zrocor will be known and carried out with high honesty. This also applies to a funding system that is more transparent and open. Every data obtained through decentralized transactions is carried out on the principle of high security. The existence of Zrocor as a form of offering to every individual and company to be able to access it and manage their company as a whole.

In this platform, Zrocor provides various features that can be used through each separate application but are still in one of the main applications of Zrocor. The applications include Obsidian, Zro, Thriveblocks, and Pandora. The four main applications hold different functions from each other. Obsidian is responsible for managing the concepts and procedures of a business run by a start-up company. This feature is a form of translation of digital incubation 041. Incubation 041 is a turn-key methodology specifically designed by Zrocor to deliver lean projects that have been used with micro companies to small cap companies in the process of launch and growth. This feature can simply be interpreted as the main manager of a start-up company in terms of operations. Obsidian will provide facilities for managing personal data, account management, company documentation, shareholder management, and other matters considered relevant.

Zro is the main manager of the user’s economy on this platform. This is a Zrocor digital wallet that is exclusively created and has the right to be owned by every user. The main advantage shown by Zro is that this wallet is able to facilitate transactions up to the blockchain crossing. This wallet is user-centered and includes the main generator, address list, transaction result data, and multi-chain exchange functions. This wallet helps users to find out the existence of the mainnet Ethereum token and the Zrocor application token. This function is specifically intended to assist users in obtaining and exchanging their digital tokens.

The next feature is Thriveblocks, which refers to the network of Zrocor on-chain communities that have been established globally. This feature is in the form of a community-based Zrocor private social network. In this community there are independent, free and open entities offered to all Zrocor users and circles from the federation network to gather and connect to each other so that they can share. This feature does not provide further access to other types of social networks because of reasons to protect each user’s data to be more secure and private.

The last feature is Pandora. Pandora is described as an instant dash application. This feature is based on a browser application or search engine for user data somewhere. Consistently controlled access so that it can store all the lists that have been made by the user and easily find them. This feature manages overall the types of transactions carried out, communication, and so on.

The Zrocor digital token was officially introduced as ZCOR. This token is designed as an original digital asset within the Zrocor scope as an exchange medium using a very strong cryptographic concept so that it can guarantee security in transactions and verification of transactions. This currency is the only one implemented by Zrocor so users must convert other digital currencies they have into ZCOR digital currency. That way, users can directly use it in various product or service spending transactions and make certain investments.

These features are the main driver for Zrocor to obtain a special place in the cryptocurrency market. Its extensive function will make it easier to get millions of customers with a variety of background goals.


Website: https://zrocor.com/
White paper:

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