Knowing Cent: monetizing your web using blockchain technology — Dapp review

Mar 5 · 6 min read

The technological progress that we witness every day in all the areas of our daily life, has a direct implication in the way of acting and behaving of human beings, in fact, the main gap between generations comes, mainly, from their particular way of interacting with the technology of the moment. For something, the so-called generation X, made up of people born between the 60s and 80s, even when they witness the birth of the internet and .com, it is quite normal for this generation to show certain insecurity when accepting technological advances, for example, the blockchain economy.

An insecurity that does not present the next generation, that is, the generation of millennials, born from 1984 and under 30 in 2019. This generation, who were born and could already enjoy a totally globalized internet, goes beyond the simple use of computers and prefer the use of tablets and smartphones to carry out a big number of activities every day, for them is totally normal to interact with virtual reality , tech development and their implications in what life could be.

As good children of the X generation and lovers of freedom, millennials prefer to own their time and instead of choosing to fulfill a work schedule of 8 or more hours in an office hoping to achieve success one day, they prefer to be entrepreneurs or work from home.

The information that I have just commented is not a secret for anyone, and because the millennials are already in their thirties and will be responsible for moving the world economy in a very short time, almost all the products are directed for them in the first place.

Many projects have been created having them as the target, and thanks to the inherent characteristics of this generation, blockchain-based proposals have their most loyal users and consumers.

This is why developers of blockchain-based applications have created a large number of projects, which due to the very nature of the blockchain and its premise of liberty, equality, and transparency, are very attractive for millennials and for all those people who are attracted to technology and their applications, You can see what I’m talking about if you visit the Website of State of the Dapps

One of these projects, quite interesting I must say, is an application called Cent.

Cent is based on Ethereum, and its reason for being is to create an application from which people can make a profit thanks to the creation of content. After making the registration, a very easy procedure, just putting a password and an email is enough to create an account. Then, it shows the main screen, which is like the following image:

The idea is to obtain an income for each published post. Curiously, when I read a bit about this application, I expected an environment similar to the one observed in Medium, that is, post focused on sharing ideas or knowledge on a topic of interest. But to my surprise, the applications that centians, as they called themselves, have granted to the application go much further than that.

When browsing in the different publications, I was able to see publications in which the user shared a recipe, as I show in the following image:

Others, use the application to offer products for sale, similar to what is currently observed on Instagram, in the publication this user offers free shipping:

Similar to the case where the application allows you to obtain income from the creation of content (to share information of any kind), it also allows you to obtain income by offering answers and interacting with post already created. For this, the creator offers a reward for the one who considers the best answer.

In fact, there is an opportunity to answer any question or concern raised by any user from the moment the account is opened, in the following image I show two answers published minutes after opening the account.

However, to create a post, they recommended placing a bounty, in order to encourage interaction with it. The bounty comes from your own funds from a wallet, they offer several alternatives, but you have to link the cent’s account with an account in an ETH virtual wallet, with the purpose of both receiving and sending the funds.

When making a publication, other users can show their support for the idea or content by doing the process called seeding. Which is nothing more than sending ETH from your account to the account of the other user whose content you wish to support. Another reason to link the cent account with a virtual wallet.

In order to offer several alternatives in how the publications are seeing, the page offers two ways of viewing the information published, you can see it as a list (similar to Twitter) or in full screen ( as I showed it before), so you can choose how is easier for you to read the information.

Pros and Cons.


It’s very easy to open the account, in less than 5 minutes you can start interacting with other users.

With just commenting it is possible to start earning some profit.

The way to use the platform for your own benefit is quite wide, you can sell, share knowledge, ask for opinions about products or point of view and monetize each and every one of them.

If you receive any reward it shows in your account immediately.


There’s no Whitepaper, posts on Medium are the ones that offer the information.

You must necessarily link a wallet to be able to use the account properly. Even when they accept several including Metamask, opera, status for pc or coinbase wallet, opera, trust wallet or mobile status.

The first impression of the site, in my opinion, is that it offers a lot of information but you don’t know how to interact with it, I would recommend an introductory video, something short, in order to explain to new users how to perform the activities they offer.


Cent is an app created to offer a viable alternative in the era of the AI and the development of impressive technology. Its creators, being people aware of the changes that the world will present as a result of this development, affirm that the human being can maintain its position of being irreplaceable thanks to two characteristics that machines do not have, until now, creativity and perspective.

That is why, they insist, the human being must maintain and develop them effectively, for this they offer an alternative to generate income, very millennial style, from home, without schedules, and offering the content you want.

The application is quite interesting, once you become familiar with it, it’s increasingly easy to interact not only with the application but also with other users but what I consider to be its strongest point is the versatility it has, it’s like a mix of facebook, twitter, and Instagram, you can use it only as a window to share ideas or you can use it as a website to sell your products, in any way you can generate some income from the comfort of your home.

It’s important to mention that I used the application on a pc.

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. Please do your own research before investing in cryptocurrencies or any digital asset. This blog post is done for entertainment and knowledge purpose only.

If you want more information about this app, please visit the following links:






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