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This is a write-up of “finger-licking goodness”. My all-time favorite on Medium. Someone had to come out and voice the opinion of 10s (if not 100s) how they felt about the self-promotional write-ups on Medium. I hope Medium doesn’t become just another form of advertising platforms like fb and twtr. And the crazy list category which sometimes involves write-ups as silly as “20 ways lean start-ups save on toilet paper” is ridiculous, point-less and unmemorable. No successful entrepreneur can remember or should have to remember more than 3 rules: 1) Care for your customers, 2) Train your employee to make good judgement calls and 3) Deliver on your promises. Charlie’s point about good-quality writing is right on target. We need more of it. While Medium is an awesome and open platform, the quality of its content hinges upon the writers’ choice of topic, words and grammatical soundness. If we want Medium to be successful for the people, we should care about the way we nurture it. Thanks, Charlie. Keep writing.

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