Marianna On IUD

We were born to make history (and not babies)

Excuse me for the anime reference. Yuri On Ice is just too good and that song keeps playing on my head every waking hour. I love it.

Focus. IUDs.

I’ve been noticing changes since switching from the pill to the IUD. My libido is back on track, which is fucking amazing. Also, my body hair and menstrual cramps are also back, which is fucking awful.

It gets me thinking about the person I became during four years of a hormone filled body in a stable and sexually active relationship. There were awful pregnancy scares. Escape routes were drawn if it happened. Me and Little Love (that’s my boo) had lengthy discussions about abortions and raising children.

The pill might have stabilized my menstrual cycle, but it destabilized my mind. I don’t intend to demonize it, though. Four years without the excrutiating pain that came every month was a blessing. Four years and no babies! Halleloo!

Despite it’s flaws, being an intrusive procedure and all, the IUD proved itself to be worthy of my body-ody-ody. A lot less fear of unwanted offspring and trombosis are major points towards the little plastic bastard installed in my womb.

Who I am now is my natural state, I suppose. This huge horny female magical creature is hornier and fluffier than ever.

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