A Look at What Makes Millennials So Successful

Well, the successful ones, anyway :)

Why do millennials get such a bad rap? Millennials like Mark Zuckerberg, Michelle Phan, Tracy Chou, and Spencer Penn are blazing their own trails to success, as are many in their generational cohort. They are confident, open to change, and connected to the world around them, making them a highly adaptable group in the changing professional world.

There are a lot of reasons millennials are so well-suited to today’s workforce. They get almost 9 hours of sleep on average, so they are always ready to start the work day off right. Switching between media and platforms is easy for them- this first generation of digital natives are efficient and effective multi-taskers. Millennials are also very entrepreneurial-minded- 67% of them want to start their own businesses, citing the higher value of experiences over money.

Most millennials- a whopping 89%- report checking their work email outside of regular work hours. In fact, most millennials value flexibility over the standard 40 hour work week and don’t seem to mind doing work outside of normal working hours if it means a better work-life balance. Social media freedom is also very high on their priority lists.

Learn more about the habits of successful millennials from this infographic.