Healthcare Innovation in a Place You’d Never Imagine

When you think of Louisville, Kentucky, you might think of bourbon and horses. Sure, those are big things in Louisville, but did you know there have also been several major medical advances in Louisville?

The first ever Emergency Room opened there in 1911. Fortune 100 insurance giant Humana was founded there in 1961. The first full hand transplant took place in Louisville in 1999, and since then there have been 9 total hand transplants in Louisville. In 2001, the first ever fully self-contained artificial heart was developed in Louisville. And in 2006 the HPV vaccine was developed to prevent the spread of certain cancers.

Louisville has a lot to offer the global healthcare community, as evidenced by the major advances that have already taken place there. The hospitals in Louisville continue to receive multiple awards for excellence, from Jewish Hospital’s award for coronary intervention excellence, to Baptist Health’s multiple awards for critical and pulmonary care. Research continues at University of Louisville Hospital, so only time will tell what the next major medical innovation hailing from this area will be. In the meantime, learn more about Louisville’s significant contributions to the medical community from this infographic!