How Alcohol Can Make You Happier

When you go out on the town to celebrate a new job or your birthday, you’re probably reaching for champagne. If you sit down to a good steak dinner, you’re likely going to order a glass of red wine. And if you go over to your neighbor’s house for a backyard barbecue, you’re probably going to grab a beer as you head out the door. Throughout history certain alcohols have been associated with specific regions, peoples, or occasions. One thing is certain, though- humans have been fermenting things and producing alcohol since before the start of recorded history.

Aside from the fact alcohol has historically been a way to preserve food to make supplies last longer, there are plenty of other reasons humans have been consuming alcohol for millennia. Alcohol causes your body to release endorphins, which can elevate your mood and lead to a feeling of euphoria. Sunshine, exercise, and meditation can also release endorphins, but you can understand why ancient humans sought out a way to replace those things when they were not otherwise available.

Everything in moderation, including moderation, as they say. It’s always possible to overdo it on alcohol, so responsible consumption is key. Learn more about how alcohol fits into human life from this infographic!

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