How to Find and Keep the Best Workers

In some ways an interview is just as nerve wracking for the interviewer as it for the interviewee. How do you know what questions are the right questions? How will you know if this is best person for the job just from speaking with them for a bit. After all, young professionals are well trained on answering the typical interview questions and can churn out the responses that they think you’ll want to hear. So how do you avoid this and at the same time identify the qualities in candidates that your company needs?

One of the best skills businesses look for in employees is critical thinking and problem solving. Working as a basis for other skills, critical thinking leads development for other desirable skills like initiative, communication, and collaboration. So how do you spot this elusive piece of a person’s character just from one or two interviews? The key is to ask the right questions. Ask the questions that a critical thinker could relate to, such as their process for thinking outside of the box, and what their passionate interests are.

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