Look Away From the Screen Once in a While!

Blue light has been a concern for a long time- just look at those awesome sunglasses infomercials of the late 90's. But it is more of a concern now than ever before because of digital screens. These days 86% of the average American’s free time is spent looking at a digital screen, and it’s wrecking not only our eyes but also our overall health.

In 2014 the average time spent looking at digital screens was 7.4 hours a day, and in 2016 that figure ballooned to 10.65 hours per day. Kids are spending more time than ever before looking at screens, and there is just no telling how it is going to affect their development in the long term.

It’s important to observe the 20–20–20 rule — every 20 minutes look away from your screen for 20 seconds to a distance of 20 feet. This will give your eyes time to relax. You can also change settings on some screens to shade out the blue light and get coatings on your glasses to keep blue light from entering your eyes to begin with. Learn more about the detrimental effects of blue light on your body and what you can do about it from this infographic!

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