Stop it With the Boring Meetings. How You Can Rock Your Least Productive Time of Day!

There’s nothing more frustrating than spending time in a meeting that didn’t feel productive. Maybe others were not paying attention and doing other things, or maybe the technology you depend on to bring everyone together wasn’t working correctly. Whatever the problem, meetings take up almost 12 hours of every 40 hour work week, and when that time isn’t used wisely it can be very frustrating.

Setting clear goals, keeping everyone on task, and getting feedback on the effectiveness of meetings can help you make the most of your meeting time. Doing a tech check up can also help — updating outdated tech and making sure all the WiFi settings and passwords are up to date can shave a significant amount of time off your weekly meeting allotment.

Oftentimes meetings take place over multiple company locations, so things like screen sharing and smart white boards can help keep everyone on the same page. The right collaborative tools can decrease the stress levels that meetings can cause and bring everyone to the same page more easily.

Learn more about mastering meetings from this infographic from CBTS. Your colleagues will thank you and everyone will feel that much better about life when their time is being respected and utilized effectively and efficiently!