The Movers and Shakers of Boston

When people outside of Boston think about Boston, we often overlook it as one of the leading tech hubs in the nation and tend to set our gaze on the west coast. We usually think of higher education — Harvard, MIT, and a plethora of other great schools. As it turns out, Boston is home to some great things to offer startups of every variety. Already a weathered member of the big business community, Boston is home to some of the most well known agencies, marketers, and biotech companies. In addition, their venture capital firms are going through the roof — in the first half of 2014 alone, Massachusetts saw over $1.9 billion invested in 188 deals by venture capital firms.

A diverse group of entrepreneurs leads Boston in innovation through the influence of their own great ideas. Movers and shakers like Erik Qualman, motivational speaker and author of Socialnomics, Steve Garfield, founder of Boston Media Makers, and Anne Handley, chief content officer at Marketing Profs, and laying the foundation for new startups in every industry. Tech companies can especially find a place to grow in Boston where Acquia, WordStream and Acacia made their big break.

With so many resources available from unique consultants, to investment firms, to networking events as frequent as once a month to annually, Boston has it all in one beautiful city. Looking for a place to plant your business? Take a look at what Boston can offer you; maybe it’s the right place for you.

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