Too Much Stuff?

Put it on the Moon.

Back in 1969, Americans held their breath as we took one small step for man and one giant leap for mankind as the first man walked on the moon. What these men met when they reached the moon was pretty much and empty and barren wasteland. What could we do with it? Today, the answer is apparent: use it as a giant storage facility.

When there’s not enough space in the attic, Americans look for help in the form of storage facilities. Rows and rows of garage like boxes to store their Christmas decorations, grandma’s furniture, and family heirlooms stretch for miles. But what will happen when this isn’t enough?

It’s been speculated that we’re not so far off from shipping our stuff to the moon. That’s right, moon storage is the way of the future, almost 240,000 miles away. hey, moon storage may seem a little selfish, but there are still some people who think we should use the moon as a landfill.

Where are we going to put our stuff?

What are your thoughts in what humankind could do with the moon? Is moon storage really the final frontier of the final frontier? See this infographic and let us know what you think!