Want to Feel Better Than Ever? Sleep Like a Normal Person.

Going to bed at the same time every night and getting up at the same time every morning sounds like a geeky thing to do, but it’s actually crucial for your health. Sleeping too long can cause you to lose cognitive function at the level that you may as well not have slept at all. On the other hand, sleeping less than you need or keeping an erratic sleep schedule can cause damage to your immune system, increase your food cravings, lead to Type II diabetes, and cause a decrease in concentration, creativity, and problem solving skills.

There are five stages of sleep, and each one is responsible for different functions. Stages one and two are your relaxation stages where balance is restored to your body and mind. Stages three and four are where your body heals itself from injuries and fights off infections. Stage five is when REM sleep takes place, and that’s where your daily experiences are cemented into memories. When you miss out on or cut short any one of these stages, your body and your mind suffer. Make a habit of it and your suffering becomes cumulative.

Learn more about the various stages of sleep and why you can’t store sleep!

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