What are the Smallest Countries in the World?

We all have very specific preferences when it comes to the pace we choose to keep in our day to day lives. Some of us prefer the bustling (not to mention hustling) life that comes with living and working in a large city that never sleeps (and that’s not just a cliché), while others prefer the solitude and simplicity that is allowed the chance to flourish in a small town setting.

Each of the around 200 countries across the globe have their own customs, cultures, and idiosyncrasies that make them a unique place to live or just visit for a little (or a long) while. Some of the smallest countries in the world come complete with quaint, picturesque castles (e.g., Liechtenstein and San Marino), though others are about as quaint as sin city itself (think Monaco). When you cram over 30 thousand people in an area that’s less than one mile squared (.78 m² to be exact), add opulent casinos and hotels, the Grand Prix, and make it a tax free haven, Monaco has more glitz and glam than NYC. Read on to learn more about the ten smallest countries in the world, and maybe you’ll find the perfect fit for your next vacation destination!