What is Document Asset Management (DAM)?

And why should you care?

Getting organized isn’t easy, especially if you’ve already got years of disorganization piled up. So what is one to do when it’s a business that’s disorganized?

DAM (digital asset management) helps companies and businesses reorganize, give better access, and alter assets in a way that minimizes wasted time and money. Instead of digging around for files, they are easy to get ahold of, eliminating workflow interruption of co-workers and yourself. DAM can end the do-over cycle by reducing the need to recreate assets, like design files or presentations.

The average number of employees in any business that perform asset searches each week is five, and those employees spend two hours every week simply searching for files, wasting their time and company resources. Whether they are looking for these files for themselves, co-workers, or even customers, two hours a week really adds up.

Need some help getting your company organized but don’t know where to begin? DAM may be able to help you get ahead and stop wasting your time and money. Check out this infogaphic for more on what DAM can do for you and your business. Thoughts you’d like to share? Let us know what you think in the comments and if you like what you see in this infographic, please use the social buttons and share it with your friends!