Why Amazon HQ2 Should Be in San Diego

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you know that Amazon has been looking for a city to become its’ second world headquarters. Lots of cities have been trying crazy publicity stunts in order to attract Amazon — a city in Arizona tried to ship Amazon a 20 foot cactus, and a city in Alabama installed faux Dash buttons all over town that tweeted at Amazon every time someone pushed one. But many cities have gone on record boasting about what sets them apart from other cities, from talent to infrastructure. One city with a pretty solid argument is San Diego, California.

San Diego is the most patent dense city in America, second most in the world. That’s a lot of creativity. There is always new talent moving to the area thanks to military bases, and the city’s 80 colleges and universities graduated more than 70,000 college grads in one year, giving them a rapidly growing talent pool from which to choose. There are already innovation giants like Qualcomm and GoFundMe located there. The proximity to Mexico as well as the Port of San Diego make it a logistics no brainer.

Learn more about why San Diego has what it takes to be Amazon’s next home town!

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