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Cross-platform coverage from Baltimore

In summer 2014, NowThis was averaging 1 million video views per month. What’s a million views on the Internet? It’s a video your sister posted of her baby burping up cereal that randomly took off on YouTube. It’s a shaky vertical video of a cat that’s famous in Japan jumping into a cardboard box. It’s not the work of a media company that prides itself on being an innovator in social-mobile video. We knew something needed to change.

So we took a step back and started experimenting — on Facebook, on Instagram, on Snapchat, with our partnerships. Now, we’re averaging 200 million video views a month across all platforms. We have the same core mission — to produce short, compelling, informative video that’s delivered to users on social and mobile — but our strategy has changed. If you’re in the industry, you’ve probably heard that everything’s going social and mobile and video. It is the future of the Internet. We’re constantly developing new strategies to optimize our content and make sure it has a home on Facebook and Snapchat and whatever new app #millennials start using next.

#NowThisMoves, our custom Instagram series. Click play to view.

Our strategy — the Distributed Media Model — means we’re bringing content to where the audience lives. Gone are the days of the homepage (we killed ours at the beginning of 2015 and haven’t looked back since). We find audiences where they already are, and serve them content that they can actually engage with. And since we’re used to adapting to new technology and trends, we don’t get nervous when a platform suddenly changes their algorithm — we adapt. The ability to change quickly and go with what works lets us reach and engage an audience that exceeds the reach of traditional publishers that are more than 50x our size.

Aggregate video views across platforms

TL;DR: We’re breaking a lot of records when it comes to social-mobile video, and this blog is a place where our partners, viewers, and press can read about how we envision the future of media and our role within it. Yeah, it’s kind of braggy. But we’re also excited about sharing what we’ve learned works with the industry at large. Stay tuned.

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