One Billion Views And Counting

We just hit one million followers on Facebook.

We’re pretty excited about it — it came on a hump day when two of our videos, one about the Bernie Sanders surge and one about Texas’s shocking new education standards, got over one million views each in less than 24 hours. But more exciting than just the total numbers is the level of engagement we have with our Facebook followers. That Bernie video currently has 51,000 shares. That’s the kind of engagement that puts us in the top 10 video publishers on Facebook, according to NewsWhip, alongside pages that have 5, 10, 26x the number of followers that we do. (We’re coming for you, Tyrese.)

It’s also reflective of NowThis anticipating the trend toward native video. We knew it was going to be a huge player over one year ago and have been uploading directly to Facebook since then, instead of optimizing toward it later. We’ve been in the social video game long enough that we’ve made our mistakes and we’ve fine-tuned our production to give the Facebook audience exactly what they want: visually compelling, engaging, short-form video that even works with the sound off, about topics that matter to them.

All of this, plus our platform-specific editorial approach, led us to hit one billion video views total across all platforms since January 2014. That’s Twitter, that’s YouTube, that’s multiple distribution partnerships. We’re growing fast and breaking our own records every month. May 2015 was our best month ever, until June topped it.

Stay tuned.

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