If You Cringe Reading This, Yep You’re a Mom

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The House on Fire

Are you a Mom? Ever drive off and think to yourself in full panic, “DID I CLOSE THE GARAGE DOOR?!” It could be the stove, feeding the dog, anything.

The Chilling Realization

The immediate next thought usually is, “I sound like MY Mom.” Whether you told yourself you would or wouldn’t grow up to be just like her, at my age as I overhear conversations among Moms, the idea of becoming more like their Moms comes up. A lot.

We live in the awesome age of girl power, speaking up, being heard, celebrating the unconventional. So when Moms feel themselves becoming a rerun of Mothers before them, should they embrace it or run the other direction?

For those that say run, whether tongue in cheek or with a sniper’s seriousness, let’s hold that thought for a minute…

Too Cool to be Your Mom

It’s always been funny or “the right thing to say” to not want to turn into your Moms. Because in your teens and twenties, you did everything possible to be as unrecognizable to the woman who underwent ann inhumane 9 month illness only to be rewarded with the most unimaginable pain to bring a rebel into the world.

Naturally, the detailed story of our Moms begins there for most of us. What’s most recent in OUR memories as young parents is the timeframe when we were young, free, cool. A window of time in our parents’ lives we don’t get to see in full detail.

But This Time It’s Different!

Yes times are different, like they always have been. Our parents didn’t grow up with Facebook, smartphones, GoPros, Burning Man and Bikram Yoga. Or did they? At least their version, for their timeframe that were equally for the young, free, cool.

So whatever your views of this Hallmark made up Mother’s Day week, let’s perhaps do what’s most important — celebrate Moms, have a little fun and find out who they really are.

I’m Just a Sherpa

And what better topic to get started than the mother all all essentials for Moms — the purse. We venture that before kids, it may have looked like a Sephora pop up store, a mobile office, maybe even an adult section within all that.

Today, does it look more like the pharmacy aisle at Walgreens? What a messy shoplifter may have left behind after a trip to Whole Foods? The lost and found at a Toys R Us?

Whatever it looks like, celebrate and embrace your new Sherpa status. Take a peek into your survival bag and leave us a comment of the funniest thing you find in there. More deep thought queries like this coming so stay tuned.

Is that underwear?!

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