NOWW, the Speed of Hire

NOWW: The Speed of Hire

This lets you offer all types of on demand services from your business, free. It markets you and you keep 100% of what’s earned.

Its called NOWW with 2 W’s

It lets you be hired instantly and people buy your products faster-You control if people come to you, you to them or work remotely-You can add a delay of up to 24 hrs-Have an opening in your day, want more business. If you turn availability ON, people will see your business and hire or buy from you. Its like Yelp but alive.-Once set up you can approve jobs by text. It’s not Uber you control it.-We add 10% to the total cost including credit card fees.-

How does it market the business

There’s a mobile and web marketplace. People see all of the business moving around on a map as well as search for what they want. You can also add within your website. You don’t need a website or mobile app.-Every staff member you add shows up as a store or outlet people can buy from, this lets you expand your business reach without cost.-Everyone needs on demand to catch as much business as possible. We have phones, email, websites, on demand — lets you get the local jobs you miss.

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