What is NOWW

Everything you can imagine will be on demand

On Demand for everyone
Every business will need to offer on demand service. It will be a necessity, as the mobile phone, your email or a website is now to getting and managing work. On demand lets you get hired in a whole new way, faster; it lets people find your company in a way they normally would not and get a level of service that until now was reserved for just a very few companies who spend an enormous amount of money. With NOWW, there are no requirements and no costs, ever.

NOWW Network

Our platform includes a network which drives sales for each business through our mobile app and website as well as any partners own business website. Noww lets anyone shop from an infinite number of on demand goods and services businesses in one place, by time to arrival or start time. The experience is similar to shopping at Amazon with the noted exception that many companies could show up to your door with purchases or rated vendors could provide service in minutes.

How Noww works for your business
1) consumers can buy a businesses’ products or hire them for a service based on their arrival time to them or when they have an open slot in their day.
2) we enable consumers to see business move around on a map as the operators who work for the company move around during the course of a day.
3) we provide the only on demand logistics system including a) vehicle b) human c) product resources and d) connect mobile inventory to supply chain
4) We make on demand profitable for businesses in the most remote of areas. 
5) When we work with small towns we split our profits with “Main Street” representatives who service the town making on demand viable.

How do you market yourself
Businesses get marketed just by being on the network. The more staff you have available the more visibility the business has. Each staff member from a business shows up on the map and in the searches by time to arrival or start time. Basic social media marketing… adding a link will multiply your response level.

Add on demand
Add on demand to your business to offer it to customers in the way you want to. Noww is designed to support on demand in its many shapes and sizes, it is not meant to create an on demand business. True-on-demand requires constant interaction with your phone, responding instantly and acting in a way which can take away from the day to day business. With Noww, accept jobs by text, add up to 24hrs of time to the start of a job, have the customer go to you, work remotely as we’ll as go to them and sell goods in addition to offering services. Finally if one of your service happens to be free such as an estimates you can sell that items for $0. It’s ok we’ll charge you $8 for the connection and that’s it.

Is this a 1-time fee?
Yes. We only charge a customer when you use NOWW to hire someone or get a service. Once a person creates a relationship with say… a contractor they are free to work directly with the individual. If you need something from a local healthcare retailer NOWW is the fastest way to get it. You might find yourself living on the app.

Competing with actual on demand companies
Designed for your business. You won’t compete with Uber or the Home Advisors of the world because thats not what most business do, but each will be able to get hired in a new way without spending any resources to do so.

Free is free
For companies, there are no fees to use the system or to be marketed or transact. What we do is add 10% to the cost of an item. If you’re selling a hat for $20, it’s listed for $22. This lets you keep 100% of your original price, credit card transaction fees are included.

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