What’s a Pre-Launch?

Welcome back to the “adventures of NOWW”. This week the company pre-launched which is to say we “soft launched”. Thinking back to the movie Ocean’s 13 Karl Reiner talks about the Soft Launch opening of the Flamingo Hotel in 1955. “One day it was closed, the next day it was open, I know I was there”. Today with NOWW would muddle Reiner in a next generation play. NOWW was already online in IOS, Android and web — for a total of 8 platforms. We already had 150 businesses in the system. We had some transactions going on. So it seems the pre-launch was already launched.

Actually no. Since September we've been trialing to friends while we continue to build out features, absorb user ideas, build and trial, but we have began adding local businesses we can buy from ourselves to prove out the mechanics of the system on a daily basis.

We hosted a garage launch pre-party, went door to door in our Park Slope neighborhood in Brooklyn to sign up retailers and have begun pushing the call everyone you know to get going.

Launching. We have a single milestone in mind for the actual launch. 500. 500 are the number of operators, total representatives of businesses in the system we need to aggregate to run solid testing.