Article: DeepOnion — The one and only.

DeepOnion — The one and only.

DeepOnion is becoming pricier and pricier with every week that goes by despite the fact that there is an ongoing airdrop and that some people are selling it. Here’s why it has so much potential and why I see it as one of the most promising coins of 2018.

DeepOnion’s community growth is outstanding. We’ve nearly doubled in the past few weeks. The change in the rules and lifting the barrier to be able to join has had a huge positive impact in the long run resulting in a new stable top at above $2.

Introduction of DeepPoints really allowed the honest & hard working ones to compensate for their “absence” in the early days. This is an example of equality amongst the loyal members on the board.
 DeepOnion recently has started “Deep Domination tasks” that offers the active users on the forum to do tasks in exchange for more “DeepPoints” to gain traction and the results have been outstanding. 
 I’m so happy to see this happening, because I was seeing it as a huge tool in the arsenal that wasn’t getting enough attention.

DeepOnion is greatly challenging other privacy coins by bringing out new features so rapidly that its competitors can’t fire back. 
 The AirDrop is halfway there and the ones staying till the end are going to be invited in the community driven central, where they will be able to vote for updates, changes and so on.
 This eliminates the risk of HardForks and assures the stability of DeepOnion over and over again.

Not only it became “In HODLers we trust” but much more than that. It is starting to attract investors and the daily trade volume has risen to $100k and keeps climbing up. DeepOnion is bound to succeed as a TOP privacy coin and if you haven’t bought any yet — what are you waiting for?