Time to continue the story

I feel that I’ve already been the hero of my story in my lifetime. Maybe that’s why I feel that the world would be just right now, the world for me, the protagonist will be smooth sailing. Cause you know, the whole illegal immigration thing, I feel like that I’ve already been subjected to years and years of mental torture that it was enough. Maybe that’s the cause of my optimism in the future. Maybe that’s why when I see the world outside of my vicinity, my level of care for it is that it’s no longer my problem because I’ve already faced my problem.

Terrible way to think about it I’m aware. Or have I passionately feel aware of this? Like I’m aware of it, but do I care about it? That’s the internal conflict I have, and occasionally it’ll spark into my mind but most of the days I just go about my days and achieve the goal I set out for myself which is to find stability in this country.

My parents suffered for me so I can have a life that I have now. My goal is to make my parents comfortable and along the way I wish to have an active dialogue with my friends, hopefully with my level knowledge of the humanities have positive dialogue with people around me. Out do the comfort of my chair, at a coffee shop. Maybe those ripples are enough in the level of activism that I idealize.

I don’t know. When I see the world, I see that I’ve already won. But maybe I should slowly shift from that idea because this isn’t my book, it’s a book of the world, and I am only a small chapter in it.
 May the world have a day of peace where families can gather, and friends are in each other’s presence. Where a boy can walk down the street without the feeling of death, and girl can ride their skateboard without the worry of explosives.

Originally published at thoughts thoughts.