So long MVP. Hello Minimum Loveable Product.
Laurence McCahill

Love the idea of a Minimum Lovable Product but I’m not sure that an MLP is necessarily ‘completely’ different from a Minimum Viable Product. I think that your premise for MLPs implies that MVPs are by definition ‘ugly’ or poorly designed versions of a product, and that if MVPs are built by a lean startup because it can’t yet afford to build the de-luxe version, then by default the part of the budget that is skimped is always the UI/UX/design factor. Maybe that was true in 2014 when this article was originally penned but in 2017 I think that’s no longer the case. Entrepreneurs are generally more savvy with regard to user-experience and even MVPs can be (and are) launched with great appeal, whether it’s delivered through the design, micro-copy, user onboarding, etc. It might not be the rolls royce of the ‘final’ intended design, but certainly good enough to be deemed lovable by its alpha/beta users. Maybe a more appropriate term for 2017 (and in general) should be MVLP :)

Also, your statement that “Marketing is dead” in tip #8 is a bit of a whopper. I agree 100% that building a tribe and a sense of community around some products (whenever relevant) is a great idea. But building communities is just one component of a marketing strategy. Marketing isn’t dead, it has simply evolved to include many disciplines and channels it never used to in the past in order to reach audiences who consume content differently from the way they use to 30, 50 or 100 years ago. But marketing has existed for centuries, it’s around now in 2017, and it will undoubtedly evolve countless times again, but it will also be around in 2117 (and beyond).

But other than those 2 little itches, it’s a great, ‘feelgood’ article full of great tips :)

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