5 reasons why IM is better than e-mail for your business

In January 2016 the volume of users of IM tools such as Telegram and Whatsapp surpassed the volume of users of social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This happened because WIFI and 4G connections are now available in most countries and because users have embraced the possibility of having free conversations with friends, relatives and colleagues, both personal and in groups.

However, IM has not spread as much in the workplace as it has in our personal life for three main reasons:

  1. Original IM solutions were not designed for business purposes
  2. Companies have relied on e-mail as their main communication channel for decades and changing the way they communicate is hard
  3. Tech-reliable and scalable IM solutions for business were not available until recently

Nonetheless, IM solutions for business are, without a doubt, the best way to communicate at work. E-mail was very useful and for decades it coped with the needs of business but modern times demand all types of firms (corporations included) to switch to newer better solutions built over the concept of IM in order to improve internal communications in the 21st century.

Here are 5 reasons why using an IM solution such as Noysi is better than using e-mail for your business:

  1. Presence:

You can see who is connected, open a real-time conversation with members of your team, solve problems and make decisions in seconds instead of waiting for an e-mail response that may take days to arrive or, even worse, e-mail threads that never get to an end.

2. Structure:

You can set your communications in channels or conversations, personal or in groups (which can be public or private) based on the way you work. You decide whether you want to organize your channels by region, business unit, department, project or by client. Adapt your channels to your needs and not the other way round. Oh, and with IM you can make sure information gets to the right people and you will avoid being cc’ed in tens of e-mails that do not require any action from you everyday.

3. Chat format:

Having all the messages of a department or about a specific project in chronological order minimizes the risk of miscommunication that are typical in e-mail threads, i.e. receiving contradictory messages at once, incomplete responses and more. Also, you can brief new members of your team much more easily simply by adding them to a group in which they have the complete messaging history. Otherwise, be prepared to forward a long list of e-mails.

4. Automatisms:

Files are organized automatically by channel or conversation saving you the hassle of creating folders and setting rules to save your files depending on who the sender is or the topic it is about. In the case of Noysi, which has an unlimited open API, you can also connect and sync other applications or databases and send automated messages such as stock alerts or task reports to those who need to be aware.

5. Accessibility:

All your messages and files can be accessed 24/ 7 anywhere, as long as you have your laptop, your phone or your tablet connected to the Internet. Since the world is moving towards mobile, Noysi have launched native apps for Android and iOS to enable you to access all your information with a single touch.

Create a new team in Noysi and start experiencing the advantages of instant messaging in your business.