Must eat in Tokyo — Sobaya Tsukigokogo

Cold sudachi soba

Looking for a cozy hole in the wall soba restaurant? Try Sobaya Tsukigokoro at a quiet neighborhood in Gakugeidaigaku.

Soba is considered fast food so a lot of soba restaurants are not a place where you can sit down and enjoy conversation with your friends. But the amazing thing about this place is that you can do that! They have a great variety of side dish where you can order in either small or regular size. You order Soba as the main dish, so you get to enjoy all the delicious side dish that goes so well with sake.

There are two types of soba, inaka soba and sarashina soba. Inaka soba is more roughly grounded so it’s darker than Sarashina, also thicker. I like inaka better because it has more soba aroma.

Must order

Yaki miso — Grilled miso with dried shrimp, walnut, katsuobushi
Kamo tsukune — Duck meatballs simmered with tare and egg yolk
Ebi tempura moriawase — assorted shrimp & seasonal vegetables tempura
Cold sudachi soba — Thinly sliced sudachi and soba in Edomae dashi

Enjoy Tokyo!