Day 13: My 10 Go-To Resources

Jumping right in, here are my top 10 resources I cannot do without:

  1. Dropbox — I have a recurring monthly membership for 1 TB of cloud storage. I’ve used 1/2 so far. I use it to back up all my content and my photos. I love their timeline feature that allows you to search for photos based on a specific year and month.
  2. Blogger — User friendly way to launch a blog. I like that you can postdate or backdate your posts, and it comes with some great built-in templates out of the box if you aren’t interested in designing your blog from scratch. You can link your custom URL to your blog, which is a nice touch.
  3. Facebook — Yep, I don’t just use this to slack off. The bulk of my time on FB is spent on the ministry page: My Anointed Quill. I recommend anyone with a business page on FB to invest in FB ads. For as little as $1 a day, you can dramatically increase your views and subscribers. I continue to invest at least $3–$5 daily to ensure subscribers receive important news and content.
  4. Voice Recorder — This app name will vary depending on your phone. This is the built-in app name for my S5. I use it on my way to and from my 9–5 to record any ideas or topics I wish to talk about. That way I can quickly refer back to the content. I always upload to Dropbox so I don’t bog down my phone.
  5. Google Apps/G Suite — This encompasses all the tools and apps that fall under Google (i.e., Calendar, Gmail, Docs, Drive, etc.). I use Gmail to manage my custom-domain business emails. This allows me to have a central email address that funnels all my business email without having to log in to multiple accounts through the use of filters and forwarding.
  6. GoDaddy — Great way to easily secure custom domain names you plan to use in the future. I have several parked domain names I plan to use in the next year or so, but this allows me to lock them in, in advance.
  7. Emails to Text — This is a DIY tool I use to increase my focus: I forward only emails that land in my email inbox to my phone as a text message. I use Gmail to do this by setting up my cell number as an email to which Gmail can forward. It’s amazing how much time I have spent just checking my email either on my phone or my PC. This way, I’m only alerted when I receive an email to my inbox (not the other tabs, social, promotions, and updates), which narrows down alerts to important (i.e., client) emails during the workday. I can then quickly skim the email and determine if it’s an email that can (or cannot) keep until end of day.
  8. OneNote — Have begun using this more and more recently. It’s the “non-speech” equivalent of Voice Recorder. I can carry my cell phone into meetings with my stylus and jot down any important items from any meeting. There are a slew more features on this app, but this is by far the most common way I utilize this app.
  9. Unclouded — If you use Dropbox, you’ll find this tool invaluable: it allows you to track down and remove duplicates in your Dropbox account. This is a common occurrence for me because when you’re saving multiple versions of files in various folders, for clients or freelancers, it’s easy to have a number of duplicates. This allows you to de-dupe your Dropbox without having to figure out yourself what the duplicates are. My only gripe is that they have yet to develop a PC/Mac app, but it’s easy enough to use on your phone. It also works on Google Drive, OneDrive, and several other cloud storage services I’ve never heard of. I’m almost certain there are other great features, but this is the only feature I use faithfully.
  10. Google Voice — I can’t say enough about how awesome app is. My Google number is what I provide to all my clients and it’s integrated seamlessly into my phone. I also appreciate that I can make international calls for a nominal cost. One of my absolute favorite ways to use this app is on websites that require a phone number to provide content. That way, if they’re prone to calling multiple times per day — block them altogether. Google Voice does this light years away more efficiently than the built-in features.

This post is in reply to Day 13 of the Get It Write 14 Day Blogging Challenge