Day 5: Finish Strong

Several years back, radio personality Lonnie Hunter said on the air, “let your job fund your passion until your passion becomes your job.” That statement has been seared in my brain ever since.

Once upon a time I was fortunate enough to work from home full-time. My favorite thing about that time is I wrote daily. While I freelanced full time, I started a ministry page on Facebook (My Anointed Quill: the inspiration behind my pen name, Maq). I don’t write anywhere near as much as I used to and I see how that has affected the level of engagement on the MyAQ page.

So what do I want to accomplish most? To reconnect with the old Maq, circa Summer 2009 (When MyAQ was launched). She wrote as if her very life depended on it. That ’09 chick posted daily while she lay in a hospital bed (with a flip phone, no less). She didn’t let insecurity or what if stand in her way. She didn’t care if anyone gave her a thumbs up or patted her on the back, because she was hungry.

Don’t get me wrong: I don’t in any way wish to disregard my experiences over the years since because in them I have priceless lessons (and writing material!) that is sure to last me a lifetime. But what I must tap into is that all-engulfing passion that couldn’t be denied no matter what. I accomplish that, then every other goal and vision God’s placed in my heart falls into place:

  1. Leave the 9–5 behind once and for all
  2. Substantially increase freelance income to accomplish item 1
  3. Accomplish items 1 and 2 by 2020
  4. Publish the tens of books rattling around in my head … ASAP
  5. NYT and Amazon bestseller list
  6. Nationwide book tour once items 1 through 5 are accomplished
  7. Launch WMAQ Radio: I just registered the call letters for the next 5 years a few moments ago (this saying it out loud stuff is powerful!)

This post is in reply to Day 5 of the Get It Write 14 Day Blogging Challenge