It’s common in chat apps to encounter users who engage in disruptive behavior such as trolling or even scamming, especially as the chat community grows in user count. Stream Chat already provides many moderation tools to help you deal with these problematic users in specific ways.

Stream Chat recently gained a new moderation tool to help you take care of your community, the IP ban. It comes as a new parameter to the regular ban function and is available only at the app level, applying to all channels.

With this new feature, Stream Chat will automatically block access of users…

Stream is always looking out for the next big thing in developer tools to build new applications. React Native was one of the first mobile development framework supported by our SDKs and is still going strong. We announced support for Dart/Flutter in February of 2020. Flutter has been one of our fastest-growing integrations since — and we’re happy to announce new things coming to the Flutter integration today.

Multi-Platform Support on Flutter

We’re excited to announce experimental support for the full suite of platforms for the Stream Flutter SDK: macOS, Web, Windows, and Linux are now supported alongside the original Android and iOS platforms…

We are proud to announce the public v2.0 availability of our React Native SDK for Stream Chat. This release provides many improvements to performance, better context, and prop support across the SDK features.

Most importantly, the React Native SDK is now completely rewritten in TypeScript. With TypeScript growing in popularity over the last four years ( 60% of js developers now use typescript), we have chosen to rewrite the SDK in TypeScript to ensure type-safety for easier-to-read code and debugging.

Below is a list of all the improvements in this release, or you can check out release notes on GitHub.

Many companies that allow end-users to openly chat with one another open up a significant risk to unsavory and often harmful content within an application.

The fine balance between open, unfiltered conversation, and an overbearing moderation system is one that Stream is acutely aware of. We’re constantly releasing more and more robust tools to ease this burden for our customers in industries such as Education and Social Media.

One such feature is Block Lists. Block lists allow you to select from a predefined list of more than 1,000 profane words, in addition to creating your own lists of words you’d…

When utilizing real-time chat for communication during a popular event, it can be beneficial to slow down the conversation by restricting how frequently participants can send messages to avoid missing content that would otherwise get drowned out by noisy or spammy chatters.

This type of feature might provide value during live broadcasts on platforms like YouTube Live when covering popular events such as a rocket launch by SpaceX. Many enthusiastic viewers of the launch will likely be chatting about every possible aspect of the event. …

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In this post, we’ll create a simple social network, called “The Stream”, that allows a user to post messages to followers.

The app will allow a user to post a message to their followers. Stream’s Activity Feed API, combined with Android, makes it straightforward to build this sort of complex interaction. All source code for this application is available on GitHub. This application is fully functional on Android.

Often there is the context around those code snippets, which are essential, such as layout or navigation. Please refer to the full source if you’re confused about how something works, what libraries…

Image — Courtesy of Dollar Gill via Unsplash

In this tutorial, we’ll integrate video chat into an iOS application. To do this, we integrate’s Interactivity APIs, formally known as Voxeet, into our application. Video chat can easily be integrated with Stream Chat for a seamless communication experience.

Note: the library is still named Voxeet.

For this part, the application will support 1-on-1 private chat. Since Dolby is a pure client-side library, we only configure our ios application. However, to facilitate the UI for indicating whether a user has a call waiting, we use a few endpoints in the backend.

Note: Because these are minor and largely stub…

Courtesy of: Austin Distel via Unsplash

In this tutorial, we’ll build encrypted chat on iOS using Swift. We’ll combine Stream Chat and Virgil Security. Both Stream Chat and Virgil make it easy to create a solution with high security with all the features you expect. These two services allow developers to integrate chat that is zero-knowledge. The application embeds Virgil Security’s E3Kit with Stream Chat’s Swift components.

Note: All source code for this application is available on GitHub.

What is end-to-end encryption?

End-to-end encryption means that two people can have trade messages via the internet without anyone else being able to read them, even if the transmission or storage is…

Our team had a chance to sit down with Tim Specht, Co-Founder, and CTO at Dubsmash. If you’re not familiar with the organization, Dubsmash is a company that provides a social platform for users to share videos via their mobile applications. Users can choose an audio recording or soundbite from TV shows, movies, music, and other internet trends and record a video of themselves dubbing over that clip of audio, which can then be posted and shared.

Market Differentiators

Dubsmash’s differentiating factor from other platforms on the market is its focus on creators. The format, features, and functionality of the app keep…

As previously mentioned in a blog post by Stream, Pusher recently announced its intention to shut down its real-time messaging service, Chatkit, effective April 23rd, 2020, to narrow its product focus to Channels and Beams.

Although Pusher Chatkit fulfilled the basic premise of providing a real-time chat solution, their feature set and capabilities were way behind what the competition and Stream Chat in particular offers, which is why they were ultimately unable to compete.

The abrupt decision has disrupted critical services for all customers on the Chatkit platform. …

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