Another sleepless night, another night of tumbling sideways and staring blankly to the ceiling. Thinking – deeply. This pain, it gets harder everyday, I cry every night. It’s exhausting, every tear equates a long deep breath, and I am running of breath. I have no one else to run to. In my mind there’s always the bathroom, and a piece of razor blade that I can use. Use for what? No, no, no, stop thinking about it, Neil. This loneliness cannot be my demise. But it hurts so bad. I need you. I badly need you right now. I want to hear you say to me “I’m here”, “I will never leave you”. But you’re not here anymore, and you’ve left a long time ago. What should I do? Do I follow my dark mind or do I continue down my deep thoughts? Please hear me out. Please.

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