CNN (Convolutional Neural Network)

As per this last couple of years Data Science and technologies related to knowledge-extraction processes exploded like a geyser. There is no questioning: everyone’s talking about it (even if they are not familiarized with it), you see discoveries related to it everywhere, news on every newspaper, you name it! … and is our turn too.

Tensor what?!

Drug Design against AmpC β-Lactamase by ScienceDirect

White Blood Cell chasing and consuming a Bacterial Organism

The basics

Operons and gene regulation in bacteria - Khan Academy ©

This is my first article and I’m really happy about it :) so please, if you have any constructive suggestions/comments you’re very welcome to leave them.

First, what are we trying to achieve here?

Natalia Pattarone

Future MSc in Bioinformatics | Systems Engineer, wanting to leave something meaningful to this wonderful world

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