NPC DAO: Swap and Rebranding Completed

NPC DAO swap and rebranding is completed.

If you follow us on our Socials you may have noted that we just completed our swap and rebranding. To start off we would like to thank everyone who contributed to the process and helped choosing a new design and a more suited name for our project. This was a team effort and wouldn’t have been possible without our community.

The change was done to eliminate the name Nole as it does no longer resonates with our vision. As we have progressed in the development of our project we have decided to act in accordance with the DAO concept across our entire ecosystem, by changing the name to NPC DAO.

The swap was performed (With a 1:1 ratio). After a thorough investigation, it was determined that a founding member had used improper and unethical procedures to acquire the largest amount of tokens possible at the lowest price using a Sniperbot.

With this 1:1 ratio swap, we can now solidify what our goal has always been, that of a Community Token. Having a sole member owning approximately 26% of the total supply by using unethical methods goes against our principles and is deemed unfair, thus action had to be taken without further ado.

The swap has now been fully completed and every Nole NPC holder has now received the new NPC DAO token, except for the unscrupulous founding member. We have now regained a fair control of the token, without having an individual being able to manipulate and steer the project under their own control.

We would like to clarify that the whole community including the team have shifted over to this new token, and that the previous token will not have any value at all. So we asked you to please not trade it.

Needless to say, the process already had a positive impact by motivating the whole team, and is now back on track, to what was our initial vision: a community token, built for it and by it.

If you are using Raydium from a PC you will automatically see your new token balance. If using Safepal, simply click the ‘Add Token’ button and add the new contract address.

The new token address is: EuD5L5XSYKzyDC1YyYzmoWC8gmJhpEh2vMj4f8LeRW8r

The new token will have the same price as the previous one and your number of tokens will also remain the same. You can trade it using the following contract or from this link directly to Raydium.

Raydium link:

The tokens withdrawn from the deceitful member along with other marketing funds that were previously owned, have been put in one multisignature wallet.

Multisig crypto wallets require the consent of all involved parties prior to authorizing any transaction. These funds will be used on projects that the community decide upon through a voting system using your NPC tokens, to which we are currently working on. This fund wallet address will be public and is as follows:

Funds address: 5kcZWL7Cd3KfAYML4Kpmxxtm99MHJdanHrsUFuBa5TGo

Very soon we shall be creating the base of our DAO formed by the community and the core team, where the structure will be built, and decided how development, finances and marketing strategies will be executed. Doing so utilizing the NPC token as a voting ballot. In short term these will be some of the next steps:

Q4 2021 :
-Re-listing on CMC and CoinGecko
-Voting of how much from the DAO fund will be destined to financing side projects (In the form of Sub DAOs or not)
-How the DAO fund will be used.
-Development of voting tool using the NPC token.
-Attending to the Spanish Solana AMA, to enter officially the Solana network (Being verified on the official Solana website)

Q1 2022:
-Collaboration with other communities DAOs or P2Es (Events, NFTs, tournaments, video games etc)
-Create a personalized NFT generator
-Collaboration with CEX and listing.

Q2 2022:
-Create “Side projects” in our DAO ecosystem.
-NPC DAO cross chain launch.
-Reach 20k members in our community

Q3 2022:
-Launch at least 2 Side projects in our ecosystem
-Reach 40k members in our community

We would like to thank the entire community for being understanding. This process was inevitable and we are confident it will have a great impact moving forward.

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The first Social / Financial DAO that aims to be a critic of society, with a touch of humour. Totally decentralized, and working on Solana.

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The first Social / Financial DAO that aims to be a critic of society, with a touch of humour. Totally decentralized, and working on Solana.

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