History tells us what may happen next with Brexit & Trump
Tobias Stone

Different people have different amounts of ability to notice and correctly understand facial expressions, vocal expressions, and body language.

If your ability is low, you wouldn’t know if Donald is the hero or the villain or somewhere in between. You could look for facts and stats, and maybe that could help steer you right, but most people will find what facts they’re willing to accept. Politics are designed that way especially, voting on bundles of things, so every crooked person can claim to be clean and accuse any clean person of being crooked. It’s a sick mind’s playground.

On the other hand, if your ability is very high, you wouldn’t be able to avoid seeing it in ten seconds while you’re trying to ignore it. It’s a joy just to listen to someone who’s a very good person and it’s literally a form of torture to see and hear someone who’s a horrible human being, because the root of the ability to read facial expressions and the rest is empathy, feeling what it’s like to reason, and gesture, feel, and react like this person. If you have a lot of this ability, you know what I mean, and if you don’t, you can see how that’d be tortuous, right?

I have a high ability, blessing and curse, as I’m sure you can guess by now, so I know some things about Donald that I don’t want to know, but I expect you do, so I’ll share them. His facial expressions are torture for me to see. I feel the screaming insecurity instead of feeling love all around. I feel disdain for almost everyone where there would’ve been compassion if left to my own emotions. I feel better when I dismiss a detractor as a “loser” which I relate to them not being as rich as me, but I also feel a little stab because I know deep down that I’m the loser. That’s what it feels like, being Donald, and what it feels like seeing him interact with people.

I hear liberals say he only cares about money, which is a pretty good guess considering how much he talks about it and seems to base his self-esteem on it, but it’s not true. You don’t want to know what’s up with his wife and kids, but one thing I’ve observed in the admittedly short time I can stand to watch him, is… quite disturbing for someone who would lead. He has an intense and eager desire to see ethical notions (and their people) break under pressure.

If the person has a certain type of ethical poise that says “I can be trusted to do the right thing, even when no one is looking” then that individual is a personal insult to Donald, being seen as condescending and hypocritical. Donald’s expressions say, “Everyone has a price. I do, so you must. No one is decent. If I expose your hypocrisy, I justify my lack of decency and simultaneously remove a mirror that shows me my ugliness.” That’s the feeling, in so many words.

If that person is also rich or female, he especially enjoys the anticipation of them breaking in some way, by which I mean things like showing greed or backstabbing. That leads me to believe those are two things he believes he does and isn’t at peace with.

It wouldn’t surprise me if someone who feels these ways would cause a catastrophe of some kind, by one method or another. It all depends on chance. It could happen while trying to make his mark on history. Could be in trying to dominate other (probably similarly sick) world leaders in personal conversation, or world-stage politics, or military actions.

Sure, whipping people up with ugly emotions is effective, because the human is in part a violent and impulsive creature forced into partial civility, the pressure of which wants release. And many have his same desire to be okay by comparison to others instead of by actual improvement, so his jackassery actually feels good because it makes one’s own jackassery seem… normal enough.

Once something or someone is politicized it’s common for about 50% to support and oppose itregardless of the wisdom or foolishness involved, because of the team mentality that’s very strong in people, but coming right down to it, with such sickness on his face for all to see, it’s hard to believe he would win a nationwide election, even if people don’t consciously know they see it.

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