Can Retail Work Better?

Roughly one third of U.S. jobs are retail-oriented. The work demands long hours, heavy mental load, and pleasing the most unpleasant customers. Job satisfaction is extremely low and turnover is extremely high. Employees feel invisible and unnoticed.

“We’re in business to make your quality of life better. 
People spend half their lives working, why not make that the best experience?” — Vaughn Peterson, Cambeo CEO

I was asked to empower employees with a native mobile tool. It needed to simplify retail work and gather real-time employee feedback and data. Management would access these metrics through a dashboard to improve work conditions, reduce turnover, and increase revenue.

I facilitated the design process from initial discovery to app store submission. I gathering input from Cambeo’s internal teams (sales, marketing, product, fulfillment, and development) and users (informal interviews, primary and secondary research). Within two weeks I demoed a clickable prototype and gathered feedback from sales, marketing, and development teams. A month later a second prototype and interactive booth were taken to two trade shows — ShopTalk and the National Restaurant Convention — gathering additional feedback. An MVP was scoped and I worked directly with iOS, Android, and web development teams to design, document, and develop our initial product release.

Associates see a daily task rundown
Quick reviews are delivered as tasks
Managers can view feedback and task completion
And make new assignments
Metrics are aggregated in an iPad Dashboard
Metrics are also viewable in a browser
Or on a phone
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